Angry Women… Where are you?


Supposedly this has gone viral.  But you know what?  It hasn’t gone viral enough.  If it had, women would be upset.

Every woman should be upset about this.  What would Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Susan B. Anthony say about this?  Heck, what would Betty Freidan say!?  Have you ever read The Feminine Mystique?  I have.  And she would be pretty ticked.

Why aren’t women mad about this?

What is “empowering” about this?  Women, your vote is no longer sought because you’re intelligent. Or because you care about the economy or your family.  You are just your reproductive organs.

Isn’t this what we fought against for the last 150+ years?  How is that for equality, sister?

Can someone bring this up at tonight’s debate?  #pipedream

(And come on, your lady parts depend on Obama winning?  Obama’s the one that wants those parts to stop working properly. Explain how that’s good medicine…)


4 thoughts on “Angry Women… Where are you?

  1. I wrote about this yesterday! I am mad as hell, both at our President AND (maybe even more so) the idiot drones who follow him without being offended by this. Insanity.

    • joanallegretti says:

      Actually – I heard everyone talking about it but couldn’t find it — until I went to your blog. ; )

      Thanks for trying to expose the truth in the midst of all of this.

      (Hey all, visit to get the real news.)

  2. Jill says:

    It’s so degrading to women. It boggles the mind how they get away with stuff like this. They took it down, but still. It was there.

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