more live music

You’re probably all thinking, “All Joannie does is eat and listen to music.”  And you’d be right.


I wanted to post about last night not because 99% of you would care, but for my friend Lori, who couldn’t be there.  Here you go Lori – you’re the 1%.

Gaelic Storm was playing in town last night, and after not seeing them for several years, I found myself at my third GS storm concert in eight months.  Since Lori couldn’t join me, I went with her parents, her boyfriend, and another good friend of hers.  (All of whom are friends of mine, of course.)  Her absence was felt and we spent most of the night talking about how much we love her. : )

The opening band was actually really good — a rarity for opening bands.  (I really dislike most opening bands.)  They were a Canadian bluegrass band — two brothers and a cousin  who are fourth-generation traveling musicians.

Gaelic Storm was great, of course, although the show seemed a bit different than usual.  The night was live on the radio, which meant after about an hour they stopped playing and the radio host acted like it was over, and then they kept playing once off air.  I don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not, but they didn’t play their usual instrumentals and the concert seemed shorter, even though it wasn’t.  They played a lot of stuff off their new album, which is to be expected, and I missed a lot of their old stuff.

Their newish fiddler player (new as in she wasn’t playing with them when I was obsessed with them in college) is 7 months pregnant and is oh-so-cute.  Before the show I was telling everyone how I saw Ellery fiddle pregnant… and then Jessie came up on stage pregnant!

Just water for the new mom! : )

All in all, a fun evening!


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