Stupid ad of the day

My dear swing-state sister got this in the mail the other day, and I can’t help but blog about it.


Seriously? Isn’t that exactly what all these lawsuits are about — we want to make the decision ourselves, and Obama and Sebellius have made it for us?

It’s not their decision. Exactly. It’s up to the individual and the employer. The employer has the right to follow their conscience. If he chooses a health plan that doesn’t include contraception, the employee can either spend their own money on their healthcare choices (gasp! I do it every day with my HSA. Not on birth control, but on my healthcare choices) or go get it free from the numerous clinics and abortion mills that give it away for free or very inexpensively. (Or you can get another job. No one is forcing you to work for a organization with principles.)

If the government truly wants to help women’s health, why don’t they make the insurance companies give out insulin, oxygen, or Lipitor?

As for that ad, I don’t know what group sent it out, but we could send the exact same ad out with the picture and names changed. Not a good choice of words, guys.

I see stupid people that don’t even know they’re stupid.


4 thoughts on “Stupid ad of the day

  1. I was listening to Rush talk about a similar instance the other day. He said some people have to be willfully ignorant to say the things they do. He added, to which I would agree, why not put that energy and time into being informed? What is scary is some people won’t even be able to see through that THIN layer of rhetoric on the flyer; they won’t understand, as you said, you can send out the same flyer and switch the names. Why has it become so difficult to think?

  2. Haus Frau says:

    It is scary to think that people actually listen to this nonsense. But they do. This is the knee-jerk argument that the administration can use because nobody wants to think that the women’s lib movement is in anyway threatened, right? I say this sarcastically. A look at the economy, employment, foreign policy, any of the other big stuff going on would be bad news for the administration’s chances (try to sell a house in this economy–I tell you, it’s not recovered yet!). So they prey on fears like this.

    You know what I’m afraid of? The people who won’t vote in this election–or will vote Libertarian simply because they won’t vote for a Mormon or his Catholic running mate. Those prejudices are still alive and well in these parts, believe me.

  3. It scares me how many folks I know who don’t even blink at the idea of forcing a Catholic to subsidize contraception. We need a paradigm shift in public understanding of basic biology, because to so many the pill IS just as basic to “healthcare” as lipitor, insulin, etc.

    • joanallegretti says:

      It’s shocking how many people don’t know the abortifacient aspect, too. I was just talking to a Bishop today who was talking about doctors who didn’t realize that some pills are abortifacients.

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