The Labor

I wrote this earlier in the week and never posted it.  But it’s still true tonight…

I have approximately 25 lessons for this Fall I should be preparing right now, but I’m eating a late dinner and procrastinating writing any of them.

The last two weeks have been a mix of exhaustion and thrills.  Two weeks ago, I was out on the East Coast for a meeting and managed to meet up with two of my good friends from college beforehand.  The last day of the meeting (a semi-annual event during which much work is done, lots of fun is had, and sleep is neglected) I felt myself coming down with a cold — not good timing, considering the week I got back would be spent getting ready for our annual diocesan catechetical conference.

So last week was a blur– I was sick and busy, and I honestly don’t really remember one day from the next.  But when Friday arrived, I was feeling much better and everything was shaping up for a great conference.  Our lineup this year was first class- including one of the greatest catechists in the world, Petroc Willey (who is heading to Rome for the Synod on the New Evangelization in October) and my friend Matt Leonard, executive director of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

It was a pretty great weekend — after setting up at the Embassy Suites on Friday for the conference and running to the airport to pick up Matt, that night was our annual Catechetical Leadership banquet with the bishop and DREs and principals of the dioceses, with an address by Dr. Willey.  Then we all stayed there at the Embassy Suites so the next day we could wake up bright and early for the conference.  5oo people were in attendance, including over 200 Latinos.  Mass with the Bishop was beautiful and bilingual — I was almost moved to tears to see the Church so beautifully Catholic and One.

After a successful day, Matt and I headed to the Cathedral for evening Mass and then downtown for Jack’s BBQ and live music.  I take for granted the crazy town I live in.

And I take for granted the amazing people I’m friends with, too.  In the last two weeks, with my meetings and the conference, I’ve seen the Church at her best (this side of the Atlantic).  I’ve had drinks with journalists, bishops, a metropolitan, a CPA, and small business owners who love the Church just as much as I do.  I’ve had great conversations with catechists and parents and grandmothers working hard to pass the Faith on to their students and families.   I’ve rubbed shoulders with big names and unknowns.   This is the Church.  These are the laborers in the field.

And I love it.  I love the laborers, the field, the seed, and the Master of the field.  And I’m humbled and honored to work for Him.


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