I think it’s a tragedy that Fordham decided to blackout the media for the Cardinal Dolan/Stephen Colbert event last week– luckily, there’s always Twitter.

And here’s a little NYTimes article on the event: A Comedian and a Cardinal Open Up on Spirituality

While I’m sure there will people who turn their noses up on +Dolan participating in such an event, the joke’s on them.  It’s good for us to remind the world that being Catholic is not all about going to confession and wearing hair shirts.  Joy is one of the marks of a true Christian.  Besides, as a Catholic in this world, sometimes the only thing you can do to keep from crying is laugh at it all.

I’m sad that we don’t have any account of Jesus laughing in the Gospels, because I’m sure he did — 1) Risibility is a mark of a human, and we know he was fully God and fully man…. 2) who would follow a leader who never laughed?  3) How could you not laugh with those 12 guys as your best friends?

It is not only possible to say a great deal in praise of play; it is really possible to say the highest things in praise of it.  It might be reasonably maintained that the true object of all human life is play.  Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.  To be at last in such a secure innocence that one can juggle with the universe and the stars, to be so good that one can treat everything as  a joke — that may be, perhaps, the real end and final holiday of human souls.  When we are really holy we may regard the Universe as a lark.”  

-G. K. Chesterton, All Things Considered


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