Catholic Doctors

I want every Catholic American to read this thought-provoking article:

Is There a Future for Catholic Doctors?

Being a girl my age, I have lots 0f friends starting families.  Inevitably, they begin looking for doctors — ob-gyns, pediatricians, general practitioners.  I hear them lament that their doctors think they’re weird for practicing NFP, that their doctors push the Pill on them as soon as they deliver their first child, or that their doctors don’t understand how they want to raise their children.

I hear lots of complaints about doctors.  And yes, I feel their pain (I want a doctor who is willing to find a different solution to problems other than birth control).

But guess what?  If we think it’s bad now, it’s going to get worse.  (Thanks, Mr. Obama.)

*This post was written by a biased daughter of a general practitioner, a daughter who is tired of everyone assuming all doctors make millions of dollars and enjoy throwing medicine and tests at all their patients


3 thoughts on “Catholic Doctors

  1. Mom says:

    The fact that your father told all of his children to NOT go into medicine speaks volumes. The fact that he hears more negative things about doctors than positive is hard. I’m glad people are comfortable with their urgent care centers and their nurse practitioners because soon, that’s all anyone is going to get. And good luck on the Catholic thing!

  2. Thankfully, Sarah and I have been able to go to a fairly Catholic hospital – despite the birth control poster in the exam rooms, at least every room has a crucifix on the wall. Of the ob/gyn doctors there, a couple of them have at least three or four kids. But part of me doesn’t want to be at Sarah’s early pregnancy appointments for fear of hearing that dreaded question of “have you thought about contraception” or “do you really plan on having more.”. For starters, I thought having babies was keeping them employed. But more so, I honestly think I would want to punch the doctor in the face if he asked that. Is that really why they became a doctor, to prevent people from having kids? It is saddening that people cannot understand the darkness of the culture of death mentality.

    • joanallegretti says:

      I’ve always wondered the same thing about their employment, too! Don’t you WANT more business? it would be comical if it wasn’t so sad. But contraception brings plenty of money in too, I suppose.

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