Musings on Ryan

Yesterday was my feast day, and I got a wonderful feast day present when my phone alert went off at 6:10 when Romney texted his bffs to tell us who the VP pick was.

I couldn’t believe it was true, but since I haven’t woken up yet, I suppose it is… my favorite Congressman is going to become the next Vice President of the United States.

I read an interesting article this morning on the Huffington Post.  (Barf, I know.)  It critiqued yesterday’s speech and suggested he is used to speaking to think-tanks and not the American people.  As an example, it quoted this:

“We’re in a different and dangerous moment. We’re running out of time. And we can’t afford four more years of this,” Ryan said. “Politicians from both parties have made empty promises which will soon become broken promises with painful consequences if we fail to act now.”

The article continued: The crowd paused, then applauded lightly.

This is Ryan’s calling card: He is a wonk, and that’s part of his appeal. But over the next three months, he’ll need to take the arguments that he has made mostly to policy-minded insiders and figure out how to make his case to a much larger, far less attuned audience.

I went back and re-read the quote.  Where was the inside baseball lingo or the policy-speak?  What is so hard to understand about that sentence?  Is it because it’s more than ten words?

Have we really come so far that we can’t understand sentences with more complexity than Dick and Jane books?

I like the fact that he’s a nerd. Or a “wonk,” as they’re calling him.  I agree- it’s part of his appeal.  I’m sick of politicians speaking on issues they really don’t understand.   If you’re going to run a country, understand how it runs.

And Ryan’s not just a nerd- he’s an articulate nerd.  Watch him.

He’s a good teacher, and heavens knows Americans need good teachers.

If he’s allowed to speak over the next few months, he will show that common sense is on his side.  There’s no need to twist the facts, do backflips to try to explain this policy or that action.  If he’s allowed to speak, he has the Obama-Biden ticket beat.

The Democrats should be scared.  And I think they probably are.  With this brilliant move, Romney has shown that this campaign should be about the economy.  And now it will be.  For months, we’ve focused on Julia, whoever she is.  Well, Julia’s suffering all right.  But it’s not because she can’t afford her contraception.  It’s because she can’t afford her groceries and her gas.

Romney has chosen a fiscal conservative and a social conservative.  In response to the gaffe-prone, fake-Catholic, LBJ-liberal Joe Biden, he has given us articulate, real-Catholic, young conservative Paul Ryan.  It’s like asking you to pick between Maude and Alex Keaton.

The Obama campaign doesn’t want to talk about the economy because they’ve done nothing but hurt it.  Instead let’s talk about gay “marriage” and free contraception.  Because that’s what they’ve done for the past four years.  And if we’re going to talk about the economy, well, let’s make up stories blaming Mitt Romney for things.

Now that Ryan’s on the ticket, let’s scare people into thinking Paul Ryan wants to kill Medicare.

It didn’t take them long to do that, did it?  Paul Ryan, why do you hate old people?

It’s time to stop scaring people and start educating them.

I don’t want any old people living on the streets.  I know they paid money into Social Security and they are expecting to get that money back.  (If I ever meet anyone who really thinks they’re getting their own money back, I will have to restrain myself from hitting them over the head.)  But guess what? I’m paying into Social Security, too.  Will I get anything?  Nope.

Not unless something’s done, at least.  So let’s stop wringing our hands and start doing something.

When I’ll Have Another was scratched at the Belmont Stakes, did anyone yell and scream at his owner and trainer?  I’ll Have Another could have won the Triple Crown.  Odds were high in his favor. But he was injured, and instead of running their horse into the ground, they decided to take him out of the race so the horse could have a future.  (maybe one of his babies will win the Triple Crown someday.)

What about all those people who bought tickets to the Belmont Stakes to see a horse win the Triple Crown for the first time since 1978?  What about NBC, whose ratings most assuredly dropped?  What about the people who had planned Triple Crown parties (even though they probably barely knew the difference between the KY Oaks and the KY Derby)?  J. Paul Reddam, why do you hate America?

When something is injured, you don’t run it into the ground.  You don’t live in the present- you look forward.

Stop scaring.  Start educating.

If the Romney-Ryan ticket isn’t successful, I fear it won’t be their fault– it’ll be ours.  Are we smart enough to shut up and listen?  Are we willing to actually attempt to understand the issues, or are we going to be swept up by rhetoric that twists facts, manipulates emotions, and puffs us up with empty promises?


4 thoughts on “Musings on Ryan

  1. Amen. But I think you hit it on the head in the next post–Americans don’t know how to think for themselves any more. When the news came out (I was excited too), I started reading posts on FB about how he’s against legalization of marijuana and how he wants to push old people off a cliff. Really?! I’m all for legalization too, but I think there are more crucial matters at hand. And now some Catholics are all upset that he used to be a fan of Ayn Rand… wow. Let’s have some perspective, people. I personally can’t wait to see a debate between Biden and Ryan… I’d pay money for that one. 🙂 (Plus Ryan went to my alma mater, so he gets bonus points in my book!!!)

    • joanallegretti says:

      Mark Shea’s post was asinine and irresponsible. I love armchair politicians. When is he going to do something about our country going to hell? It’s a lot easier to sit on your duff and criticize the politicians from your keyboard. He makes me sick.

      On Aug 13, 2012,

  2. It made my WEEK when my sister called me Saturday morning with the news. Love this guy. And love your observations on his pros and cons, too. Though we may not be clever enough to follow his use of 7th grade vocabulary words in his speeches, perhaps the fact that the highest trending combo for him on Google is “Paul Ryan + shirtless” will save us? No?

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