Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day

In case you haven’t heard the original Tim Hawkins’ Chick-fil-A song, check it out here.

But here’s another…

We headed over there for lunch, and it was slammed.  The drive-thru wrapped around the building twice, and we had to park in the parking lot of the strip mall next door.  The line (which split in two and ran through the restaurant) came out the door — so when we got in line, we were actually standing outside by the speaker of drive-thru.  It was a little awkward at first, but everyone was in such a good mood — the guy ordering jokingly asked us if we wanted him to order us anything.

For the amount of people there, we actually were served pretty quickly — and when they seemingly lost my order, they filled it right away and gave me a coupon for a free sandwich.  Of course they did. Because they’re the nicest people ever.    I’m pretty sure if you even looked at them with a half frown, they’ll give you a coupon.  And tell you to have a nice day.

Oh, and they were handing out cups of water to the people waiting outside.

There was a news crew there, so our picture was on the front page of the news’ website for a little bit.

It’d be interesting to see how much money the various Chick-fil-A restaurants made across the country today.  Someone noted that it was the first economic stimulus during the Obama Administration.

What I saw today was not a crowd of intolerant, bigoted, hateful people.  I saw families and soldiers and businessmen and retired people.  I saw happy people.  I saw people who are tired of being labeled, tired of being spoken for, tired of being ostracized.  I saw people who love America and want to be heard.  And if that means going and supporting a man who had the audacity to say what he believed in (in a religious-centered interview), that’s what we’ll do.  Because we’re tired of this.

We have a voice, and we’re going to use it.

“May I have a number 6 with a lemonade, please?  With Chick-fil-A sauce.  Thank you.”


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