A few weeks ago, I accidentally bought packages of phyllo dough instead of puff pastry.  Whoops.  Big difference.

My friend Lori didn’t see the problem… seems like a good excuse to make baklava!  In fact, she took it one step further … always up for a party, she suggested having Greek Night.

 So that’s exactly what we did.  We got gyros from a fantastic little place just a mile from my house (The guys in there are so friendly, they have a picture of Mary on the wall, and the place is called “Sam’s”.  Ha!  How great is that?), watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and made baklava.

I don’t have a pastry brush (note to self: buy a pastry brush before making baklava again), but Lori was quite resourceful and we got the job done.  It might not have been the most professional-looking baklava out there, but it was delish.

And it should have been, for the amount of butter that went in it.



I still have another whole package of puff pastry.  Austrian Night with Apfelstrudel and the Sound of Music, anyone?


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