smelling the roses

My screensaver on my computer is a collection of pictures from my 2008 semester in Rome.  (Is anyone shocked?)  When this picture of my friends in Assisi went by, it caused me to ponder for a moment or two.

Goodness gracious.  Are those lovely ladies standing in a postcard?

When I saw the picture on the screensaver, it was almost like seeing it for the first time (although I’ve seen it a billion times since 2008).  I thought about how the sky couldn’t be bluer, the countryside couldn’t be more gorgeous, and how the day just seemed perfect… and I wondered if I truly appreciated it at the moment.  I think I did — I’m pretty sure I spent most of that weekend in Assisi exclaiming about how much I loved it.

Even this past October, when it was cold and rainy, I’m pretty sure I gushed about the city for most of the trip.  (when I wasn’t cursing the lack of ATMs.)

But seeing that picture did make me stop and wonder if I truly appreciated the beauty of the moment.   And that prompts another question – Is it even truly possible to fully appreciate those moments in the moment?  Or does part of the appreciation come after the moment has passed and we can only look back and marvel at the gift?

I definitely don’t stop and smell the roses enough — I’m too busy these days, it seems — but I guess even if I can’t stop, at least I can appreciate as I pass them by.

And maybe I’ll just move to Assisi.  I’m pretty sure one of these guys is looking for a wife:


3 thoughts on “smelling the roses

  1. Amy says:

    I think C.S. Lewis said “A pleasure is only fully grown once it is remembered.” My source says that came from “Out of the Silent Planet.” Lovely, eh? Thanks for sharing your memories with us…I’m sure that also contributes to making the pleasure fully grown.

    • joanallegretti says:

      Leave it to him to say it so well. : )

      I really like his space trilogy — I haven’t read the first one in awhile, though.

      You’re right – It is a joy to share them, too!

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