Happy Birthday, Papa Benedetto!

I hope everyone did something special to celebrate the Pope’s birthday today.  It would have been most fitting to eat German food, which I suspect is what he did with his brother Georg.

I, however, had to settle for Italian food.

Trader Joe’s arugula pizza with cherry tomatoes, to be exact.  It was pretty delicious for a frozen pizza.  I finished it off with a glass of Indiana red wine.  I don’t think the Pope has ever been to Indiana (and you wonder how different history would be if he had accepted Father Hesburgh’s invitation to join the ND faculty!), but I’d like to think he’d drink some Oliver wine if he had.

Besides celebrating with food, I read some theology and now I’m off to finish “My Brother, The Pope” by Msgr. Georg Ratzinger.  A wonderful book- I highly recommend it.

A fitting way to finish celebrating the day, don’t you think?

Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Papa Benedetto!

  1. Megan says:

    Such a lovely photo of the two of them! I’m spending this little triduum between his birthday and pope-iversary reading the same book. (can I call it that?) I like to think he spent his birthday watching footage from a special concert he attended in October and asking his brother why he didnt stop to shake hands with those two nice young ladies on the wrong side of the aisle, ha-ha!

    Side note: I’m also reading the biography of a midwife who worked with the Amish for decades and she says the Amish are quite fond of writing “ha-ha’s” in their correspondence. The original lol! I think we should use it more often.

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