Happy Little Easter

In Italy, today is a national holiday — Pasquetta — little Easter.

Here are the sights from my little Easter:


Beautiful flowers (and my first Fiat Cinquecento) from my dear friends Dan and Darcy


Dinner: leftover sweet potatoes


For snacking: columba!

This Easter has been so lovely.  The vigil was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed.  Then we went to the Motherhouse the next day to see all of our friends.  (I thought I would cry all through the Vigil — but after almost tearing up with excitement/happiness during the fire, I held myself together … only to lose it the next day after Communion.).  Sunday afternoon we had a lovely Easter lunch– my parents, Dan & Darcy, Darcy’s mom, my friend Tess, and Father Jacek.  Then I got to enjoy my parents’ company all evening!

This morning we went to Puckett’s for breakfast — a old standby for good Southern food– and then went to the Carton Plantation.  Nothing says Easter Monday like a Civil War hospital with blood stains in the wood floors, does it?

Then I spent the afternoon catching up on Person of Interest and reading my cousin’s book!  And eating.  You know you did something right during Holy Week when you realize on Easter Monday that you can eat — whenever and whatever you want — and that alone makes you happy.

A lovely day.

All in all, my Triduum and Easter were more blessed and beautiful than I could have imagined.  From Holy Thursday night, to Good Friday at the Fathers of Mercy, to Easter with my parents and dear friends.

Buona Pasquetta!


7 thoughts on “Happy Little Easter

  1. Amy says:

    Your FIRST Fiat Cinquecento? Might I be able to hitch a ride in a future one?
    How was the columba?
    So glad you had a happy Easter…it was good here, too, but it sounds like yours was particularly blessed. I’m so glad!

  2. So glad you’ve had such a lovely Easter so far! I love that we have 50 days to enjoy it. I keep reminding the kids I watch that it didn’t end with the Easter egg hunt. Glad to hear of another Person of Interest follower too.:)

    • joanallegretti says:

      Yes, I love that the Church has us fast for 40 days… but feast for 50. Why doesn’t anyone talk about that?

      You like POI too? Isn’t it great? I wish it was easier to watch online because I miss it on Thursdays a lot. but it was nice to catch up and watch a string of them in a row. I’m looking forward to re-watching them when they come out on DVD. It’s almost time for the finale…

  3. Beth F says:

    You went to the Fathers of Mercy? I love it there, so many friends. Their “new” chapel is just beautiful as well!

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