My apologies ahead of this post — I realize some of you will be reading this on Good Friday, and food posts are never welcome on Good Friday.

But these have been busy days, so I’m just now getting to post about my trip to Steubenville a few weekends ago.

The trip included visits with dear friends, good prayer time, and a talk on womanhood to fantastic college gals.

The Friday of my trip coincided with the Rally for Religious Freedom that was held across the country.   So Amy and I decided to drive into Pittsburgh, which is about a 45 minute trip from Steubenville.

Just like my sister’s, my rally was in front of a really ugly building, too.

After the rally (I direct you to my sister’s post to read more about the rally.  I second everything she says) Amy asked if wanted to visit the Strip District.  Before you jump to conclusions, I’ll tell you that the Pittsburgh Strip District is a really fun historic market area.  I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before, actually.

Amy was anxious to take me here:

I gladly agreed.

We obeyed.

Again, my apologies if you’re reading this on Good Friday.  This place was incredible.  Biscotti of every kind…

And not only biscotti, but other heavenly-looking things too:

I thought that my day was complete.  But Amy had another surprise up her sleeve- namely, the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company.  It doesn’t sound too impressive, does it?

But stepping in, I felt like I was back in Rome.

Starting with real Easter eggs!

I remember when Alice, my English friend, tried to explain Easter eggs to us.  Not hard-boiled things, not Cadbury/Hersey ones … but giant chocolate eggs as big as your head.  Apparently, they’re a staple in Europe.  So when we studied together in Rome, we had to exchange them with each other:

So the fact that the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company had “real” Easter eggs was good enough for me.  But then they had a bunch of other stuff that I hadn’t seen since Rome — including the same bottles of Fanta and water that we’d have on our table at lunch and dinner.

They had some novelties, like escargot and a Nutella jar bigger than your head.

There was olive oil by the vat (see collage above) and cheese and meat counters, too.

It was a pretty wonderful place.

We also visited a spice store, where I got some extra special dutch cocoa that Amy highly recommended for hot chocolate.  (who says cocoa isn’t a spice?)

A lovely afternoon with a lovely friend!  Then it was back to smelly Steubenville — which has it’s beauty, too:

 And we were blessed that evening to hear Helen Alvare, who is my new role model.  What a woman.

She’s beautiful, smart, and articulate.  And she’s on our side. : )

Have a wonderful Triduum, everyone!  It will be beautiful down here — I have a close friend coming into the Church — baptism, confirmation, Holy Eucharist — the whole nine yards!  It’s truly an honor to be his godmother. : )

And thanks to Penn Mac Co, on Easter Sunday,  we’ll be celebrating Italian-style … not with an Easter egg, but with real columba!!!

It will take me right back to Rome, sitting around all Easter Sunday with my friend Trena and the Christendom in Rome kids-  drinking spumante, eating columba and singing Easter hymns.  Ah, that was the life.

Happy Triduum, all!  Remember — it’s really the most wonderful time of the year.


(That was the Old Bridge gelateria after Easter Vigil at St. Peter’s.  So it was easily almost midnight- and check out that line!  You could tell we had been deprived all of Lent.  Well, I hadn’t, but that’s besides the point.)


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