Prayer + Fasting

Tomorrow (March 30) many bishops across the country are calling for a day of prayer and fasting.  The Bishops asked for united prayer and penance for religious liberty in their March 14 letter (which, if you haven’t read it, is fantastic; I like when I read statements from the bishops that make me beam with Christian pride), and many bishops across the country have chosen tomorrow.

After being steeped in the issue last weekend while up at Franciscan University, I came home with a mixture of hope and despair.  It seems that many people — even good Catholics — aren’t aware just how serious the threat is.  Our downfall will be our apathy.

The battle that lies ahead isn’t going to be easy.  The HHS Mandate is not the enemy – it’s simply one manifestation of the enemy at work.  If we win this fight, it won’t be the last.  At the same time, we know the Church will ultimately be victorious.

But victory doesn’t always look like this:

Sometimes it looks like this:

I don’t mean to be histrionic or hyperbolic.  I think we’ve been facing a crisis in our culture that has now come to the surface and can no longer be ignored.  I was discussing religious liberty with a well-respected female acquaintance (a woman who has addressed parliaments, covers the work of the U.N., and who knows her history and political science), and she made the astute observation that “this ground, if lost, can only be won back by blood.”

It’s happened throughout history.  Will our apathy let it happen here and now?


3 thoughts on “Prayer + Fasting

  1. laurasuz says:

    To let you know how much I agree, after watching There Be Dragons, I thought, I know we’re watching a film about the past but I can’t help but think this is our future. I didn’t know about the prayer and fasting – thanks for sharing.

  2. Mom says:

    Excellent. The quote is chilling. Few people want to think this is true. They want life to continue on as it is and that is exactly how evil works. Students of history see what is happening. Older Americans who have come here from Europe see what is happening. But we sit in the marketplace playing our merry tunes, wanting life to just go on as before. It is not going to. Things have changed. If we don’t fast and pray and fight the government and culture, our religious freedom will continue to go away and we will look like Cuba, and Nazi Germany but in a more “civilized” way. We are so close to already being there.

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