Okay, so maybe I’m a big dork to come here and post this… but I was one of the winners on Pioneer Woman’s blog today!  I actually haven’t entered one of her giveaways in a long time — usually there are several thousand comments, and I guess I just gave up.  But the other day I saw that she was doing a little “March Madness”-like contest with Tom Hanks movies, so on a whim I filled out my choices and then commented.  I was the second comment, which was cool enough for me.

But then my sister called me (at work) today to tell me I had actually won!  PW picked three random winners to get $50 gift certificates to Amazon.  So granted, I didn’t win a Kitchen Aid mixer or a Nikon camera… but still, $50 to Amazon?  I’m not complaining.

Happy day!

If you’d like to vote in round 2 of the Tom Hanks movie madness, head over there now!


5 thoughts on “winning!

  1. Amy says:

    Congratulations! I’m as tickled for you as I was when I won the big giveaway from the cosmetics counter 10 years ago. 🙂

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