The weekend

It was a very full, diverse weekend, and I’m happy I have today off to recuperate (although I have plenty of work to do, plus a Nascar race to watch tonight).

Friday night was Stations of the Cross, of course.  I actually really like Fridays in Lent and look forward to Stations.  I was surprised when I moved down here that Stations weren’t as “popular” as they seem to be at our parish back home.  That’s just what you do on Fridays in Lent, right?  There were only about thirty people this past Friday, and no families.  It was a little sad.  I’ll go back to my usual parish for the rest of Lent (I went to the Cathedral this Friday because there was going to be Adoration afterwards), where there are families — but still not as many as you’d expect.

We taught all day Saturday, which is the norm now that spring has sprung.   It’s that beautiful mix of being exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.

Then Saturday evening Carbon Leaf was in town!  My all-time-favorite band that no one else has ever heard of, it seems.  But maybe that’s for the best– I like the fact that I can see them for $14 at small venues.  And they seem pretty content being who they are — so maybe I should be glad that they’re still relatively unknown, despite being around for quite some time.  My suspicion that they’re more popular on the East Coast was confirmed when I met the boyfriend of a friend of a friend there and he agreed that he heard them on the radio more frequently in Boston than he did here.

It was a good night– my friends Manda and Lori and Julia came along, and we met one of my coworkers there as well.

They did the Nashville Grand Ole Opry “gather around the mic” that they usually do in Nashville, too.

Apparently Barry likes to raise his hand when he sings? Hm.

Then I woke up early on Sunday to see my sister Sister!  Yay!  She was in town visiting with a group of girls from her high school.  So I got to see her at Mass, eat breakfast with them, and return later in the evening for a little coffeehouse/talent show.  We didn’t get to visit a lot, but it was wonderful to just be with her and see her life now that she’s at the high school.  It was definitely a treat– especially considering it’s Lent and they don’t usually visit during this time.  Yay!

In between visits, I took a nap and then headed over to one of the local parishes for the diocesan Rite of Election.  There are four people from Aquinas coming into the Church on Easter, and I’ve been helping Father with RCIA.  It was a moving ceremony — all the catechumens and candidates from across the diocese were present to be recognized by the Bishop and to affirm their commitment to enter this time of purification during Lent.  I think it was powerful for all the catechumens to stand at the foot of the altar with the hundred other catechumens also making the same step.  When you looked out and saw the diversity of the people, the candidates, catechumens, sponsors, godparents, and you thought how each person came here through such a different ways, each with their own journey and struggles and joys … it was really beautiful, and I’m glad our people were able to be a part of it.

On a random note, anyone want to go to the Kentucky Derby with me?  This is the first year I’m not teaching that day.  Unfortunately, tickets in the grandstands are well out of my price range.  But if anyone knows of a donor… haha!


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