World Nutella Day

For those keeping score, World Nutella Day was February 5th.  Happily, this coincided with Super Bowl Sunday, making it easy to create nutella treats and not consume them by myself, all in one sitting.

Since I was still dragging from the weekend, I decided to make something fairly easy.  While a Nutella flourless chocolate cake was pretty tempting, I could see myself flubbing it up and then not having a dessert to take to the party.  I also wanted to make something that would take little time, thus not cutting into my afternoon nap.

So I settled on Nutella Brownies that had a mere four ingredients and Nutella ice cream (the recipe I’ve used before, not the new one my aunt gave me).  The brownies were good — I think I was expecting them to be a little fudgier, based on the blogger’s review of the recipe.  She said the texture wasn’t brownie-like, but more like a molten lava moist cake.  I actually found them to be pretty brownie-like.

I couldn’t find mini-cupcake liners at the store, so I made do with foil squares.  I think they turned out just fine.


One thing I have noticed with anything I create out of Nutella– especially when it requires baking– is that some of the Nutella taste is lost.   The brownies were good, but they didn’t have the Nutella punch I was looking for, especially considering they were basically nutella, eggs, and flour.  Of course, this could be due to the fact that I usually consume Nutella straight out of the jar.

Happy World Nutella Day!


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