Frankincense and Cognac

Once you begin blogging, you occasionally find yourself in situations that cry out to be blogged about.  Sometimes you know going in that you’re going to take pictures and blog — like, say, at a food truck festival.   But other times you walk into a place for a simple cup of ice cream and you just know there’s a blog post waiting to be written.

Yesterday we had the day off for MLK day, so my friend Darcy and I decided to hang out and have fun.  We went to a nice little Mexican restaurant in a part of town I don’t find myself in very often, partly just because it’s on the other side of the city.  I mentioned to Darcy that there was an ice cream place in the neighborhood I wanted to try, too — and then when we walked out of the restaurant, low and behold, it was right across the street!

Jeni’s is an ice cream company based in Ohio, and is known for their natural ingredients and off-beat flavors.  The minute I walked into the place, I was in love.

Darcy saw someone eating a sundae and thought she had her mind made up before we even got to the case.  But flavors like these shouldn’t be covered by toppings.  (she changed her mind once she had a taste!) They had two cases, one of seasonal flavors that change and one of  signature flavors that are standard.  And by standard, I don’t mean chocolate, strawberrry, and vanilla.

I mean Brambleberry Crisp.  And Queen City Cayenne.  And Pistachio and Honey.

They were very generous with their samples, so Darcy and I tried all sorts of fun things.

This one was a lot better than I expected.  The goat cheese didn’t hit you until the end, and it wasn’t overpowering at all.

I didn’t get around to trying the Frankincense.  Next time!

I ended up choosing The Buckeye State (peanut butter and chocolate … boring, I know) and ….. can you guess? …

Ugandan Vanilla bean. Seriously, if someone is boasting that they have the perfect vanilla ice cream, do you think I’m going to pass that up?  Darcy got brown butter almond brittle and the pistachio & honey.

Every flavor I tried was really good (except for vanilla cedar wood, which was a little odd).  But I was happy with my decision.  I’m not sure it was the perfect vanilla ice cream… but it was pretty darn good.

It’s such a cute place — check out the lights that look like milk bottles!

I will definitely be back! : )


4 thoughts on “Frankincense and Cognac

  1. I passed by Spelunker’s yesterday and thought of you. The flavor of the day was Cake Batter (or “Salmonella Sundae” according to your dad ; )

    But it looks like you’ve moved on to more sophisticated flavors.

    • joanallegretti says:

      hahaha, good memory! That was actually my brother’s name for cake batter ice cream with cookie dough on top, haha.

      Ah, Spelunkers. I’m not sure you can beat their vanilla custard in their homemade waffle cones.

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