a little visitor


I have a new Christmas tradition!  I may not have kids, but that doesn’t stop me from creating little traditions to pass on someday.

My dad gave me this little elephant for Christmas.  We have a running joke in our family when Dad opens presents.  He usually shakes them, turns them around in his hands, and says crazy things like, “Is it an elephant?”  (the smaller the box, the more likely he’ll do it)

On Christmas morning, Mom and Dad and I opened presents after breakfast.  There was a little box for me that Dad set aside, saying I had to wait to open it until the Watsons arrived later that day.  I was pretty clueless about what it might be, but his insistence that I wait had me pretty intrigued.

When the Watsons came later that day, we opened presents with each other before dinner.  I forget what Dad said as I started to open the little box, but it made everyone start to make sarcastic guesses about what it might be.

I unwrapped it… and found a little box… and in the little box…

Was an elephant!

When I returned to my apartment and unpacked, the little elephant got a primo place in front of the Christ child.  A few days later, admiring the little guy, I decided he would be packed up with my Nativity and each year would join the sheep, cow, and donkey in worshiping the newborn King.


Happy Feast of Epiphany!

On a side note, today is the anniversary of my baptism!  (28 years ago, January 8th was the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord)  And today my godson, Casey Eugene, became a little Catholic in Buffalo, NY.  I’m sad I couldn’t be there for his Baptism, but it makes me smile that he joins the Church the same day I did.


4 thoughts on “a little visitor

  1. Amy says:

    2 sweet stories! Love the new elephant tradition (St. Francis would be proud); so happy about a new member of the Church family in honor of your own Christian “birthday”.

  2. Haus Frau says:

    We have the Fontanini elephant in our Nativity scene. In fact, this year the elephant was first in the scene. However, your picture reminds me that our “burgundy King” is still AWOL. I wonder where I’ll find him….

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