From >1%… to 8 votes behind

I know I rarely mention politics on this blog, but it’s hard not to get excited about nights like last night.  Does Rick Santorum have a chance?  I’d like to think so, although I’m afraid to get my hopes up.  I think a lot of people wanted to support him but felt he had no chance.  But now we’ll all come out of the woodwork and see what happens.

It’s hard not to be excited when an advisor to the board of your little alma mater has a chance to run for President of the United States.  I’ve seen him many times — whether it was speaking at Christendom’s commencement in 2003 or just stopping by our table at the National Catholic Prayer breakfast to chat with us for awhile — and I’ve always been struck by him — dignified yet down-to-earth, conservative yet full of compassion, friendly yet genuine.  His interviews and his performance at the debates have made more sense than most of the other candidates combined.  So it’s about time he’s finally getting some attention.  

His 2003 Commencement Address at Christendom College:

A good debate moment:


3 thoughts on “From >1%… to 8 votes behind

  1. Amy says:

    I agree that he’s unlikely to be elected, at least in 2012…but his good showing demonstrates that many Americans believe in what he stands for, rather than being on the “fringe” of society. Hopefully (even if he isn’t the nominee) his stances will impact the stance of the eventual GOP nominee, of the next president, of Congress, etc.

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