New Year’s Eve

Does anyone else wonder what the big deal with this day is?  I suppose that sounds bitter, and it’s not supposed to– I had two party invites and another invites for drinks- but I’m just not feeling it tonight. Mom says New Years is depressing because it’s sort of the end of the holiday season, and maybe that’s true. Or maybe it’s just this odd pressure the culture seems to put on this random night to be magical.  Heck, there’s even a movie about it, just like the movie they made to highlight my other favorite holiday, Valentines Day.

Despte the fact that I’m celebrating this holiday in exactly the opposite way than the world tells me I should (I’m at home, single as can be, and hanging out with my parents), I’m okay with it.  Perhaps it’s a sign of maturity.

Now excuse me, Jeopardy is on.


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