Busy Times

The next week is going to be a busy one.  I’m afraid I’ve over-committed myself, partly because I forget that most of the things I agree to require some amount of preparation.  If you’re busy every night, when do you prepare for what you have to do the next night?

Tonight I’m having a little Gaudete Sunday party.  It conflicts with about three other parties, so I’m not expecting a large crowd.  But regardless of how few people are coming, I still need to make food and finish decorating.  Shockingly, I actually made a prudent decision and cancelled one of the things that I was going to do today, partly because if I’m not home today, who’s going to cook the food for tonight?

Did that mean I stayed in last night?  Nope.  My friend Lori was finished with finals, so we went out to celebrate.


She had been telling me about this wonderful Irish pub for the last few months — and it didn’t disappoint.  The owner (above,  playing the bouzouki, on the right) was really nice and is even open to us hosting Theology on Tap there in the future.  Yippee!

It took me back about six or seven years, to a place where Friday nights were synonymous with Irish music.  It was good to sing along with old favorites — South Australia, Whiskey in the Jar, and even Fairytale of New York.  Even though I couldn’t really spare the time, I’m glad I took the night off and enjoyed time with good friends.   The cookies I need to bake for Monday, the RCIA lesson I need to prepare for Thursday, and the Christmas cards I need to write (but I have until January 6th for that… right?) can wait for another night.

Then it was up early this morning for Mass.  Any other day I would have probably shut off the alarm and rolled back over, but I’m the middle of a novena of Holy Communions.  Each year I do the novena for my birthday, as a way to prepare for the next year- to thank God for His abundant blessings and to ask Him to continue to prepare me to be His instrument in this world, to accomplish whatever He wants to accomplish through me.

This is a busy time of year, but hopefully we can all find time to prepare our hearts for what really matters during these weeks — the coming of Christ, both praising and thanking Him for his coming into this world 2000 years ago and making sure we’re ready for when He comes again.

With that, I’m off to make some soup and decorate my Christmas tree.

Rome updates will continue!


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