Fall Fun

I came back to Rome to find that Fall had arrived.  (Sadly, my traveling companion probably came back from Rome to find winter had arrived.)

Last night’s adventure was my first-ever corn maze experience.  My friend Tess and I had purchased Groupons so we were able to visit for half-price.  We had a lot of fun — it was pretty home-made and country, but I think that’s the point of cornmazes?  There was a playground for kids, a few bonfires, horseshoes, corn hole, a slingshot, and even a hayride.

This was the entrance.  I definitely thought of Mom as we went through — she thinks the whole idea of traipsing through a cornfield is pretty crazy — dusty, dirty– and I’m sure she just shuddered looking at that tunnel.

The funniest moment was when we passed a few people from the youth group that was going through the maze at the same time.  It was dark, so you couldn’t really tell who everyone was.  One guy, who seemed to be the youth group leader, paused and asked us if we were coming from a dead end.  The little eight-year old girl who was with him put her hand on Tess’s arm and said, “Oh, I thought you were random people.  Wait, you are random people!”  It was so hilarious.   We quoted her throughout the night.

Today after Mass we for a picnic at Cheekwood, a local estate (once owned by the Cheeks, inventors of Maxwell House coffee) that is now a garden and art museum.  While they have several different exhibits in the mansion, they also often have exterior art exhibits too — everything from Chihuly sculptures to scarecrows.  One exhibit that has been in the gardens for the last several months is an awesome train set.

I took lots of pictures for my nephews.  The girls went on ahead to find a picnic spot … but I couldn’t tear myself away from the trains.

Yep, Thomas was there.

There was water.

and bridges.

When this train came by, a boy shouted, “It’s real wood, Mom!!  Real wood!”

It was every little boy’s dream.

And it really made me wish my nephews lived closer.


3 thoughts on “Fall Fun

  1. Amy says:

    I am unspeakably impressed that you have the energy to do this after returning from overseas. Since you are blessed with boundless energy, would you like to run up here and help me with the yard work I’m too tired to do??? 🙂
    In all seriousness, some little boys in my life would love those trains. A family field trip may be in order.

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