I have a least one post in the blog hopper, a draft I was hoping to publish before signing off for the next few days.  It can wait.

My suitcase is only half full.  On one hand, this makes me happy — it means I was a good packer and a smart outfit-planner, can live simply for the next few days, and can bring back souvenirs.  On the other hand, it makes me very nervous.  I’m not going a few hours away, nor am I going to a place where I can just pick up what I’ve forgotten.

St. Anthony, if I’ve forgotten something… may I dream about it tonight and wake up in time to pack it.  Amen.


One thought on “Arrivederci

  1. Laura says:

    Have fun!! Enjoy these single days where you can fly off to Rome just because you want too. Say a pray for us Smiths while you’re over there – I’ve heard God hears prayers better when in Rome and a little prayer never hurts!

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