Love Come Alive

It was a good weekend.  I was supposed to be at the wedding of two friends back home, but making the weekend trip was going to be too hard (and vacation days are few and far between).  I was sort of expecting to be homesick and mopey.   But I had a wonderful weekend, full of little gifts from God.  I’m very thankful for that.  Perhaps this city is becoming a little more home every day … although the idea of that gives me mixed feelings.  And since that’s not the purpose of this post, I’ll move on.

Friday saw me at a speakeasy with my girlfriends– a laid-back evening to celebrate my friend Tess’ completion of another milestone in her doctoral work.  It was one of those nights that reminded me to be thankful that God has given me these great friends who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Saturday evening was a night full of life and music.  It was a concert called “Love Come Alive,” and it was the kickoff for our 40 Days for Life effort.  40 Days for Life is an international campaign held twice a year to draw attention to what abortion does in our communities.  It has three components: prayer & fasting, constant vigil, and community outreach.  You can read more here:

To kick off the campaign this fall, a young man in our community organized a fantastic night of music to celebrate the gift of life. In addition to multiple musical performances, we had a phone call from David Bereit, the national director of 40 Days.  That was definitely a highlight!  There was also a testimony from a woman who had an abortion when she was young. While she still suffers some of the psychological effects, she has discovered the mercy of God and last night was able to speak of it publicly for the first time.  We also heard of the miraculous cure of a high school boy (whom I mentioned on the blog last year).  Much to celebrate, much to pray for!

I hope the happiness and the energy spills out to the campaign.  500 happy people, friends everywhere you looked- it was such a lovely night!

Today the fun continued — with tickets to the Titans game with two of my friends.  After Mass this morning, I headed home to change into light blue and toss my orange purse aside for the day — to remind myself that I would not be cheering for Brady Quinn.  It was strange to cheer against him (not that he played), but it was nice to see him again.  I would post a link to my crazy LiveJournal post about going to an ND game my senior year in college (his junior year) and sitting right behind the bench, but it is just filled with pictures of him on the sidelines and bizarre boy-crazy musings.  And I’ve changed a lot since then. Well… I still took a picture of him on the sidelines today.

It was a great game — with a great win for the home team!

And that was my weekend.  Back to the grind tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Love Come Alive

  1. Amy says:

    Marshall is cured?!! Praise the Lord! I’ve been praying – sporadically, but I’ve been praying.
    I’m so glad you had such a lovely weekend! I hope it’s a good week to follow. 🙂

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