Rodent Randomness

I was going through some pictures on my phone and decided to have a few random posts where I shared happy random things.

This one has a bit of a theme.

The whole wall of my living room is floor-to-ceiling windows, which look out to a patio that’s connected to the condo complex’s “party room.”   There is a variety of wildlife outside my window — okay, maybe not a “variety” — not like my sister’s bear and deer and foxes– but things like lizards and squirrels.  This guy came right up to my window the other day and wasn’t scared until I got just as close to the window as he was.  And then he scampered away.

I didn’t dare get as close to this guy.  A skunk was sighted around campus, always hanging around our building. We decided he probably lived underneath us… and we were right!  It wasn’t long before he was caught.  I was the first to come upon him in his trap– I thought for sure he would be ticked off and would spray us all.  But we came and went without any trouble– the guy who trapped him for us said that he’s never been sprayed by a skunk in a trap.  I guess they’re pretty content, and since they don’t have intellects, they don’t realize that they’re about to get shot.

We named him Joe, after our building, but since it was the day before St. Rose of Lima’s feast day (a good Dominican) and he was black and white, I pointed out that maybe Joe was a girl and was actually Rose?  Everyone said that was a silly name for a skunk.

Isn’t this such a nice, cozy picture?  As I mentioned last summer, when we don’t have Mass on campus I try to make a habit of going to Mass before work.  And if I do that, I usually treat myself to breakfast at Bruegger’s.   My good friend Annie made me this great cup cozy for Christmas, and I can’t use it without smiling.  So much better than a paper one.

 And that’s how I prefer my rodents.  Depicted, not alive.


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