promised updates

Two updates on things I’ve mentioned but never followed through about:

1) The latest ice cream experiment was a success.  We had a “going away” lunch for one of my friends at work and she requested I make ice cream, so I made her tell me what flavor she wanted.  She decided on chocolate chip.  But I knew I couldn’t just make vanilla ice cream and add chocolate chips.

The only time I added chocolate chips was to my coffee ice cream, and I found that you couldn’t even taste the chocolate because it was so hard and cold.  I wanted to try to replicate the amazing chips you find in Graeter’s ice cream, because they’re soft and really chocolatey and incredible.

I thought that if I could melt the chocolate and then put it in the ice cream while it was freezing, so that the chocolate hardened with the ice cream, that might be part of the solution.  Then I found this recipe for stracciatella gelato, which is like chocolate chip only better– because the chocolate is more distributed through the gelato.

But I was a little weirded out by the recipe calling for gelatin and dry milk.

I went with it.

And I’m glad I did.  It definitely didn’t turn out like Graeter’s, but it was still really delicious.  I loved how the chocolate was in chunks and strips and was sort of all over the ice cream.  You could really taste it.  And while I love vanilla, I really liked that the ice cream base was really milk-y tasting and not as vanilla (which makes sense, since there was tons of cream/milk and barely any vanilla).  It would be a nice base to a lot of other ice creams — peanut butter, any candy mix, etc.

The ice cream wasn’t creamy enough for my liking.  I’m not sure if it’s because it called for more milk and less cream (ala gelato) or what part the gelatin might have played in the consistency.  So I’m looking forward to playing around with it and seeing what happens.

I do think I’ll be using that technique whenever I want to add chocolate chip/chunk/pieces to a recipe, though.  (can we say ‘mint chocolate chip’???)  It was delicious!!

No pictures this time.  I’ll make it again!

2) Awhile back, I asked my readers to pray to St. Frances of Rome for a special intention. And then I told you I’d update you when she answered my prayer.  Well, I wrote that in the evening of June 27 and she had answered my prayer by the morning!

My friend Megan and I are going to Rome!  When I asked for prayers, we were really struggling to find a place to stay within budget.   I was getting lots of “we have no room” emails from religious houses!  Thanks to prayers and the patroness of our trip, we are staying in the house of St Frances of Rome in Trastevere, which is now a religious house and open to pilgrims.  We’re so thrilled to be staying with her, next door to St. Cecilia’s, that we didn’t mind going a bit over our original budget.

I’m so excited about our trip that I try not to think about it too often.  And the crazy thing about our trip is that we don’t have any set plans. We have a night in Assisi and six days in Rome.  Other than that — we’re just eating, praying, and visiting old friends — St Cecilia, St Catherine, St Monica, St Peter…

I love to show people around the city — I love, love, love being a tour guide — but there’s going to be something really fun about just being.  We both studied over there, so we don’t have to rush around and see everything.  We can just be.  Yay!!

Roma, I’ve missed you!


3 thoughts on “promised updates

  1. Amy says:

    Mmmm…may have to get that ice cream recipe from you! (May have to get an ice cream maker, too!)
    I’m SO happy you’re going to Rome. Enjoy the trip to the max, be sure to blog about your adventures, and say a prayer or two for me while you’re there. 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    ahhhh – back to Rome!!! Yay! That’s so awesome for you guys. I’ve never lived there like you got to, but I hope to go back and take Peter with me someday…

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