Happy Birthday, Jill

Today is my lovely sister’s birthday– both are lovely, but today’s birthday belongs to that lovely one in the middle.

Look at how I’m imitating her.  Aren’t we adorable?

We didn’t always get along as well as that picture portrays.  In fact, she probably wanted to strangle me most of my young life.  Luckily, I think we’ve gotten past that stage.

Now we get along pretty well.  In fact, if I would have found a bottle last week that happened to contain a genie, one of my wishes would have been for Jill come here and celebrate her birthday with me this past weekend.  But I didn’t find a bottle, much less one with a genie.

So we had to celebrate it apart.  I tried to make up for it by sending her a fun birthday package (or two).

I love to give good gifts.  (You might remember that from this blog post.)  That’s usually pretty easy for Jill, because I know her pretty well.  One Christmas I was so disappointed with my lack of creativity in her gift (I forget what I gave her, but it was lame) that I tried to make it up to her a few months later and surprised her with a weekend visit.  I love giving gifts that are meaningful, and this birthday I was particularly happy with my meaningful gifts.

Some people would find it strange to receive a creamer in the shape of a cow for their birthday.  But I knew Jill would understand the reference to Bertie Wooster.  And in case she missed it, I made it obvious in the card I sent her.  Much to my surprise, the Bertie Wooster cow creamer incident actually came up in our conversation a few nights ago!  I had just mailed the package and almost died laughing as we had a perfectly normal conversation about the stories featuring the cow creamer, with Jill completely oblivious that her own personal cow creamer was on its way to her as we spoke!  What are the chances?  It put me at ease that she would understand the gift as soon as she opened it!

Jill has had more than one lousy birthday.  Growing up, Jill’s birthday always meant that school was around the corner.  It’s hard to look forward to your birthday when it means summer is over.  Then one year we “celebrated” Jill’s birthday by moving our sister Jen to Nashville.  Nashville in August?  Hot and humid.  Moving furniture into a condo?  Pretty terrible.  Then several years later, we spent the day in the car driving across the state of Ohio to come home for our grandfather’s funeral.  I’m telling you, she’s had some pretty less than enjoyable birthdays.

So here’s hoping today isn’t lousy.

Happy Birthday, Jill!


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