Next Food Network Star

I’m sitting here watching my guilty pleasure– the Next Food Network Star.  But it’s actually “guiltier” than that — it’s the one hour “reunion” special before the finale.  We’ve watched these people for the last few months, and now we’re watching a “reunion”???  Shouldn’t that word be reserved for people who have been apart for, say, several YEARS?

Anyway, I thought about “live-blogging” the finale, but I realized all I really want to say is:

Bobby Flay in a three-piece suit.


The end.


2 thoughts on “Next Food Network Star

  1. Amy says:

    I watched that show one season & couldn’t handle the intensity. So what am I watching now? Reality shows depicting 21st century folk living the life of people a long long time ago – Frontier House, Colonial House, Manor House. (How is this less intense than the Food Network Star???) If you haven’t seen these, check ’em out – I think you’d like them. I’d like to see Bobby Flay in the kitchen of an Edwardian England Manor! 🙂

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