Summer Fare

Don’t you just love this time of summer — when you get to enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor?

The security guard on campus has been handing out huge cucumbers, and I was eyeing a friend’s garden the other week trying to decide when to start pestering him to share his zucchini.

(Random side note: Why can Americans pronounce zucchini correctly but not bruschetta?  You don’t hear people walking around saying “zoo-CHEE-nee”, do you?  So why can’t people grasp that it’s “broo-SKET-ta”?  Just wondering.)

There’s a cute little produce place near work named… wait for it… The Produce Place.  On Monday I headed over there hoping they might have some heirloom tomatoes. I was making a couscous salad for our book club I was hosting that evening, and I thought heirloom tomatoes would add some nice color.

They had them.  And they were beautiful.  And tasty.

The salad turned out well, for me just winging it.  I made couscous, set it aside to cool, chopped up heirloom tomatoes, a cucumber, and some kalamata olives, threw it all together with a little lemon juice and salt, and then tossed in some feta cheese.  Delish.

Our book club gathering was lovely, too.  It was my first social event in my new apartment.  The women oohed and ahhed enough to make me think I had done something right in the decorating department, and it was nice to finally have a big enough space to host that many people without feeling the least bit crowded.  When the weather cools off, I’m going to host a proper house warming party.  (We”ll wait until the weather cools off so that we can enjoy my little back patio.  Will the lizards leave when the weather cools off?  I hope so.)

So enjoy your summer veggies!  It’s this time of year that I begin to get homesick for Indiana, too — I can’t eat summer tomatoes without craving Pretty Prairie sweet corn!


One thought on “Summer Fare

  1. Haus Frau says:

    Thanks for the proper pronunciation of bruschetta. ;)- I failed miserably at gardening this year–four tomatoes total. So I’m benefitting greatly from my in-law’s community garden plot and the produce stands. 🙂

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