Heloise in the Chemistry Lab

I went home this weekend for a wedding (more about that to come) and I was ready to leave straight from work on Friday afternoon.  I had planned to run by Target on my way out of town, but my lovely mother went and picked up my needed item so that no extra stops were necessary.

Unfortunately, as I was packing I couldn’t locate my fingernail polish remover, so I figured I needed to stop on the way out of town anyway.  Wanting to get on the road, an extra fifteen minutes wasn’t exactly desirable (this will be funny whne you read an upcoming post), but when a girl has chipped fingernail polish, she doesn’t have much choice.

Unless she works at a college with a lab.

My friend Liza heard about my planned side trip and came up with a solution.  Why not use some lab grade Acetone?  It’s basically fingernail polish remover… right?

She asked our boss, our resident Smart man, if it would hurt (since there were lots of warning labels about how you shouldn’t handle it without gloves…)  He didn’t think it would hurt, but just in case he tested it on one of his own first.  When it appeared to be safe, I went at it!

Life is never dull with us.


3 thoughts on “Heloise in the Chemistry Lab

  1. Laura says:

    I had a blast with you on Saturday! Thank goodness you were seated by us because you made the dinner fun for me and Daniel.

    See you soon hopefully!

    • joanallegretti says:

      Likewise! If you were still blogging, I was going to comment the same thing on your blog! : ) I was so happy she put us at the same table. It was nice to actually catch up and not just say “hey” in passing!!

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