Requiescat in pace

The world has lost a fine man today — one of the finest.

Warren H. Carroll, may the angels lead you into Paradise, may the martyrs greet you at your arrival and lead you into the holy city Jerusalem.

On a bittersweet day such as this, I’m reminded of what I was taught by Mr. O’Herron– a good friend of Dr. Carroll and a fellow warrior in the cause of authentic Catholic education-

“The world is better off when a good man dies.”

It’s far better for us to have great men and women praying for us on the other side of the thin veil.

So for Dr. Carroll, I raise a toast.  To a scholar, a warrior, a hero, a historian, and a keeper of truth and Catholic culture.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

UPDATE:  This is how I’m planning on honoring the man tonight.  Run, don’t walk, to download these lectures.  I’ve made a nice little set that I listen to on my road trips home.  I highly recommend listening to him.  He makes history come alive.


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