feels like…

It was hot today.  It was that oppressive heat and humidity that makes it hard to breathe.  I’m thankful I work in air conditioning.

When I got in my (super) hot car after work, I saw that the temperature registered 106.  That isn’t too unusual, with the car sitting out in the sun, so I waited on my drive home for it to tick down to the real temperature.

102.  104.  102.  100.

And it stayed there.

It got up to 103 today.  Lovely.  As I type this- at 9:00 at night- it’s 89 degrees and, according to weather.com, feels like… 102.

And yet the crazy kids from the apartment below me are still running up and down the apartment stairs, past my door, and through the parking lots screaming.

Only a few days left before the move…


One thought on “feels like…

  1. Haus Frau says:

    Yes, I’d prefer to spend these “heat advisory” days lounging on the floor next to the air conditioner register with a good book in hand. Pity that isn’t happening.

    As I began to sweat merely by walking to my mailbox yesterday afternoon, I wondered how people in this region survived days like these a hundred years ago….

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