we don’t say that.

Generally, when I title a post this and tag a post with that phrase, I’ve overheard something particularly offensive to the English language, like “liberry” or some atrocious use of grammar.

But what I just overheard here at Panera is offensive and atrocious for another reason.

A mother, arguing with her young son (age four?) just said, “You are going to bother me.  By your very presence.”

Ugh.  There’s an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.  No child should be spoken to in that way.  I know I’m not a mother, and I know that mothers have hard moments every day where they lose their patience.  But no child deserves that treatment.  Perhaps that child didn’t hear his mother, or perhaps he will never remember her statement.

But maybe he will.  And even if it was spoken in impatience or as a result of a stressful day, that child is a beautiful gift to that mother.  He was given to her, by God, out of love.  Maybe somedays he’s a blessing in the form of a cross.  But he is never, ever a bother.

Please, mothers, think twice before you speak to your child in impatience and anger.  He will possibly carry your words with him forever.


One thought on “we don’t say that.

  1. sacredmonkeysofthevatican says:

    That is horrible! I’ve heard children told similar things, it always makes me feel sick.

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