Another solemnity!

Happy Solemnity of the Sacred Heart!

This year, the feast falls in July, which is kind of interesting, since June is the month of the Sacred Heart because the feast is generally in June.  But this year, since Easter was so late, the feast is in July.  The feast is a moveable feast, falling 19 days after Pentecost, so due to the dating of Easter the latest the feast can fall is July 2nd. We’re pretty close this year.

I’m pretty sure that since today is a solemnity, we’re dispensed from abstaining from meat today.  But you can all decide that for yourselves.

“Once, when I yearned to receive communion, my divine Master appeared to me as I was carrying out the sweepings, and said, ‘My daughter, I have heard your sighs, and the desires of your heart are so agreeable to me that if I had not already instituted the sacrament of my love, I would do so now for love of you, to have the joy of coming to dwell in your soul and to rest there like a lover in your heart.’ This filled me with such great love that I felt my soul completely unnerved, and unable to express itself…”
The Eucharist in the Life of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

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