Branching out

When I was on vacation with my sister and her family, Jill asked if I had ever thought about making strawberry ice cream.  I hadn’t made ice cream since before Lent, and with the machine in the closet (out of sight, out of temptation) I hadn’t really thought about it lately.

The next time I was at the grocery store, strawberries were on sale…  So I picked up some whole milk and some half and half, and decided to give it a shot.

I may have pulverized some of the strawberries a bit too much.

I just used the recipe from the Cusinart book that came with the machine.  It was pretty straightforward — a basic ice cream base (no eggs) with strawberries thrown in.  They recommended fresh, but frozen would be fine too.

My friend Liza had given me cute individual styrofoam containers, so I filled them and took them all the work.  I’ve learning from past mistakes — It’s best to share the fruit of your labor with everyone at work rather than eat it all yourself.  And these little containers make it so easy to share.

I asked everyone to be honest in their critique so I could improve the recipe.  I didn’t hear many complaints!  One taster said it was the best homemade ice cream he’s ever tasted… but we’ll see what he says after he tastes this weekend’s experiment.  It was my first time really tweaking a recipe, such that I really made my own recipe.  Details to follow…


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