just a thought

Do the CEOs of other airlines ever sit around and envy Southwest?  I mean, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon — or someone with an MBA or a marketing degree or even a frequent flier– to realize that Southwest is doing something right.  They’re consistently rated the top airline by consumers.  And do the other airlines pay attention?  It doesn’t seem that they do.

I know there’s more to the story – at least, I hope there is, or else the other airlines are just dumb.  But as I sat on a Southwest flight and saw everyone board nicely, put their bags in the overhead bin with wow, space left over!  I thought back to a week earlier, when I was boarding another airline, people were struggling to put dead yaks in the overhead bins and everyone was getting frustrated.  On every flight of that trip, on that other airline, they made announcements about the limited overhead space and stressed that people should be checking larger bags.  The whole thing was an ordeal.  Maybe we would be checking bags if you didn’t charge us for them.

We didn’t have any trouble on the Southwest flight.  It’s not just that Southwest doesn’t take itself too seriously (the stewardess ended her spiel with “blah, blah, blah” and made the whole plane laugh), it’s that they take their customers seriously.  And I like that.



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