sharing some deals

I get an email every day from with deals for the day or week, and I thought I’d share some:

Tomorrow (June 3rd) is National Doughnut Day.  This means that Krispy Kreme is giving everyone a free doughnut of their choice, and Dunkin Donuts is giving out a free doughnut with a purchase of a beverage.

This reminds me of last year, when on National Doughnut Day I was driving my sister home for her home visit (thus taking a home visit myself as well – the Sisters joked that I’m the only lay person with a home visit).  Before we left, I looked online to see where we might be able to hit a Dunkin Donuts on the way home, knowing that Sister liked Dunkin Donuts coffee and that it would mean free donuts for National Doughnut Day.  When we pulled up to the drive-through (this was shortly after finding out that not only did Sister frequently eat eggs for breakfast, she actually ate them willingly and by choice, so I was still recovering from shock when I pulled through the drive-through), I ordered us both coffee and then said sweetly, “Is it really National Doughnut Day? Do we really get doughnuts for free?”  Sister burst out laughing at me, but I explained that I wanted to make sure we got our doughnuts for free.  I think she thought if we didn’t get doughnuts for free, I wasn’t going to treat her to breakfast.

Southwest Airlines is giving away 40 free songs on iTunes to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. All you have to do is sign up for their email list.  I was really excited about this at first, because for some odd reason I thought it was any 40 songs, or at least a large selection of songs from which you could choose 40.  Instead, it’s a set playlist of 40 songs, which makes sense (otherwise it would be way too good to be true).   I haven’t heard of many of the songs and only a handful of the artists.  But I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

For all of you with little kids, Carter’s is offering 20% off when you spend $40 (with the code SOCUTE) and has a large selection of clothes up to 70% off right now.  They have shipping for a flat $6.  I think you could get some good deals.

Target has a lot of printable coupons, and a lot of them seem to be for things you’re probably buying this summer (sunscreen, etc).

I’m off to go listen to my Southwest playlist and finish up an article for the diocesan paper.


2 thoughts on “sharing some deals

  1. mom says:

    Ha! I missed this blog because I knew you had a hundred and one things to do and whenever would you find time to blog? I should’ve guessed!

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