Money saved and money spent

My lovely friends Manda and Tess went to a class on coupon-ing.  Did you even know there was such a thing?  We were hanging out at Manda’s last weekend and they were trying to teach our friend Maria and I all the secrets they had learned.  I’m afraid some of the concepts still confuse me, like how everything at the drugstore is really free (?), but I did take valuable tips away from the lesson. Namely:

1) There’s a website called that lists all the coupons under the sun, at least for we southern folk.  (although it includes some Yankee stores like Target and Kroger, too).  The woman not only lists all the coupons in various magazines and newspaper inserts, she also has a lot of printable coupons and links, too.

2) This past week (beginning last Wednesday and going until this Tuesday, I’d imagine) Harris Teeter is tripling all coupons (under $1).  TRIPLING!

So I took these two nuggets of information and decided to go to HT on my lunch break and see what I could get.  I saw the Ciao Bella sorbet was buy one get one, so I decided I was going to get that, even if I didn’t have a coupon.    I also knew I was going to get my lunch, which with a HT discount card is super cheap.  If the other things I purchased seem very random, it’s because I had coupons for them, and once tripled, the things were either very cheap or… free.

So here’s what I came away with:

Cast of Characters:

  • On the left, you see my lunch — namely, a six-inch cheesesteak sub, a bag of chips, and a bottle of ginseng and honey iced tea.  This is the lunch special at HT, so I got all of that for $2.99.
  • Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet.  50% off
  • Uncle Ben Whole Grain White Rice.  My mom will tell me not to eat white rice because it’s bad for me, but I do eat it.  And guess what?  it was… free.  Yes, because I had a .75 off coupon, tripled, it was free.
  • 2 single-serving packages of Greek yogurt. Cost=  Free. (same deal as the rice)
  • Coffee-mate creamer for the office. Cost= .64 cents (.55 cent coupon, tripled)
I got everything above for a total of $6.93.  Not bad, huh?
I’m not going to become a crazy couponer — in fact, I’m not sure if I’ll ever save that much ever again. But it was a fun adventure for my Wednesday lunch break.
Of course, that evening, I spent more than what I saved.  My friend Liza and I went to see Les Miserables downtown.  It is the 25th Anniversary of the show, so there is a touring company traveling across America right now.  I really, really enjoyed it– having sung many of the songs in choir, I felt like I knew the show very well, but I had actually never seen it live.  The sets were gorgeous and amazing (SPOILER: Javert’s suicide in the last act was incredible– it actually looked like he was jumping off a bridge, and I’m not entirely sure how they did it).
I was a tad disappointed in Fantine.  I’m not saying I could do what she did, of course, but I’m very critical of altos and I love I Dreamed a Dream (I sing it to myself in the car a lot.  Um… maybe…), so I just wasn’t entirely happy with her voice.  But on the whole, the show was beautiful!  And it was a lovely night out with Liza.
I think I’m going to challenge myself to have another coupon adventure soon.  Think of what I could do with the money I usually spend on rice and yogurt!

3 thoughts on “Money saved and money spent

  1. I really, really wish I’d’ve had tickets to another night, it was that good! I can’t get over how good the actor playing Enjolras was, too.

    I’m also thinking of buying a Sunday paper to look at coupons there – but, unlike the people on TV, I won’t drive around my ‘hood to steal them out of the cars of foreclosures! The drug store thing confuses me, too – I know it’s at CVS and I’ve heard about it, but it sounds so… difficult!

  2. Maria says:

    Can I just say that I love that you have the calendar in the background? 😉 I am excited to take advantage of HT’s triple couple week! Wahoo!

  3. Nice! I know some women down here who are REALLY into couponing… It seems a bit daunting (and a bit much) to me. But seeing your purchases, I’m a bit more curious. I thought it was all for junk like “I can’t believe it’s not butter” and such, but your food looks good!

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