My food truck experience

My brother and sister both blogged today, so I felt like I should blog too.

Well, I was already planning on it, but after reading their blogs, I thought I would make it a trifecta.

Yesterday I visited my first food truck.  I believe it was my first — unless you count the vendors in Rome where my dad buys his traditional can of Pringles about halfway into any European pilgrimage.

After seeing food trucks on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown, The Great Food Truck Race, and the food truck challenge week on America’s Next Great Restaurant, I felt like I was in a television show as I waited in line.

My friend Jennie and I have wanted to track down the truck The Grilled Cheeserie, but it just hadn’t worked out on our lunch break  yet.  Then yesterday I heard that the The Grilled Cheeserie was going to be at Belmont University with a pizza food truck to celebrate the grand opening of a third truck, Moovers and Shakers– a soda fountain on wheels.  So we headed over to Belmont on our lunch break.

The gorgeous weather, the beautiful campus, the excitement of the event (live music, of course– you can’t have an event around here without live music), and the fact it was dead day at Belmont all seemed to taunt Jennie and I and made us want to be back in school.  But instead we just enjoyed our time pretending to be college students.

There was a long line for the Grilled Cheeserie, and we joined it, not seeing the Moovers and Shakers.  Jennie had already eaten lunch, so I told her that if we didn’t have time to stand in line for grilled cheese and shakes, we could just get shakes and head back to work.  But the shake truck was nowhere in sight.  Jennie asked a student if she knew what was up, and it turned out that they were sharing a truck with the pizza guys because their truck wasn’t ready yet.

So we bailed the grilled cheese line and stood in line for milkshakes.  We were fourth in line, so things looked good … we thought.  In hindsight, it wasn’t a very prudential decision to visit them on their first day, especially since we only had an hour for lunch.   They hadn’t gotten the swing of the business yet, so it took us a really long time to get our milkshakes (and we were pretty late getting back to work).  But they’re college sophomores, so I’ll let it pass — I wasn’t running my own business at the age of 20.

The pizza truck wasn’t as snazzy as the grilled cheese truck — in fact, Jennie said it best when she said it looked like one of those vehicles you tell your kids to stay away from… but I think that sort of added to the charm.  This isn’t N.Y. or L.A., after all.  And we’re proud of it. : )

I did feel like I was in a Food Network reality show as I stood in line and waited — Bobby Flay would be bringing up their little problems when they faced the judges.  You should have tweeted the change of plans.  How were people supposed to know you were in the pizza truck?  And waiting over 30 minutes for a shake is unacceptable…  But since it was just a fun adventure on a May afternoon, we just enjoyed our shakes and decided we would come back when they got their truck and their system worked out.

And the grilled cheese would have to wait for another day!  I shouldn’t have gotten out of line — by the time we got our milkshakes, the very looonnng line at the Grilled Cheeserie, while still long, had moved fast enough that I could have gotten a sandwich if I had stayed put.  But that just gives me something to look forward to soon!


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