the ultimate blognic

I still haven’t heard about Msgr. Ganswein.  I was sort of hoping that the Pope would comment on my blog:

I miss Rome.  The reason I expressed a desire to have a “real” blog last week was because I am jealous of the bloggers attending the conference for bloggers at the Vatican next Monday.

When I first heard about the blog conference in the Vatican, I thought Hm, that would be fun.   And then I wished my blog was worthy so that I could attend.

And then the Vatican released the invitee list.  …  I became insanely jealous.  Granted, I don’t have the money to jump on a plane at this short notice.  And I have to work on Saturday.  And I don’t have a place to stay in Rome.  And I had already decided not to join the millions of people in Rome for the beatification.  I fought the crowds and slept in the street for his funeral, someone else can be at his beatification.

But none of that mattered.   I suddenly wished my blog would turn from a Wendy’s-review into a wildly popular, witty social commentary on the Church and the world.   And after that happened, a time-machine would appear so that I could go back and submit my name and blog for the guest list.

Alas, I won’t be at the Vatican blog conference.  And I suppose that’s okay.

Instead of spending my time being insanely jealous, I should probably concentrate on more important things, like the presentation I am giving tomorrow at the National Association of Diaconate Directors meeting.   And the whereabouts of Msgr. Ganswein.

PS Please say a prayer for my talk!


2 thoughts on “the ultimate blognic

  1. Uncle Mark says:

    Miss Joan, you evidentally do not watch papal events as closely as you think for Msgr. Ganswein was onboard the Pope Mobile along with our favorite MC as His holiness was driven into St. Peter’s Square at the beginning of the Easter Sunday Mass. He was also noticed carrying away the papal papers following the Popes address at the Easter Vigil Mass and at least once at the Lateran on Holy Thursday. So rest assurred, he is in Rome.

    • joanallegretti says:

      Oh my goodness! How could I be so oblivious!? I didn’t watch Easter Sunday Mass, or else I know I would have seen him there. And I must have stepped out when the Holy Father was finishing his homily at the Vigil. When Mom proposed that Msgr was on vacation, I said, “Who would hand the Pope his glasses? Or his homily!?”
      I’m glad he’s safe and sound in Rome.

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