The Cardinal

There’s a pub behind Westminster Cathedral (the Catholic Cathedral, not to be confused with Westminster Abbey, which was, of course, stolen from us) called “The Cardinal.”  It seems that it is going to be re-named The Windsor Castle, (which was its original name).   It was renamed in honor of Cardinal Manning,  who did so much in the 19th century for workers both in London and across the world (he was instrumental in the encyclical Rerum Novarum).  A convert to Catholicism, after he was made archbishop, he built Westminster Cathedral.

The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, has signed his name to a petition to save The Cardinal from being re-named its former (dumb) name.

For many reasons, renaming the pub is just a stupid idea.  Firstly, that’s a dumb name for a pub.  Secondly, pubs names are important.  Why else would they have a whole Wikipedia article?  You can’t just go changing the name of a pub.  Well, it was fine when they did it the first time.  It made sense.  (Windsor Castle is 22 miles away.  In Windsor.)   Now it doesn’t.   Thirdly, isn’t it enough that the royal family is named after the castle?  I don’t think a pub needs to be named after it as well.   Fourthly, you know that tourists are going to leave the Cathedral and be tired and thirsty and go to The Cardinal, partly because it’s named The Cardinal.

I speak from experience, of course.

(someday, when Father Paul is Archbishop of Westminster, I’m going to say, “I had a drink with him at the Cardinal.”  Which sounds so much cooler than, “I had a drink with him at the Windsor Castle.”  … I think.)


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