a review

it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about food.

I was setting up for a conference all day today at our Cathedral, which happens to be across the street from a Five Guys.

Not a fun thing on a Friday afternoon.  I’m pretty sure they must pipe their smell out of their building, and it waftes right into the nostrils of poor Catholics across the street.

At 7:30, I was on my way home and needed something to eat stat.  My friend Liza had asked me a few days ago if I had ever tried the Wendy’s fish sandwich.

Our conversation went something like this:

L: Joannie, you like McDonald’s fish sandwich, don’t you?

J: (something somewhat vague about how it’s not the worst thing, and I wouldn’t order it normally, but I’ll order it on a Friday, and my brother says it’s really the steamed bun that makes the sandwich, and why don’t they steam the bun on other sandwiches…)

L: Have you ever had a Wendy’s fish sandwich?

J: No.

L: (makes a face with big eyes, indicating I’ve missed out and wait until I try my first…)

Well, I tried my first.  And it was delicious.  I had to wait a long time for it, but Liza had told me I might, and it is nice to know it wasn’t just sitting there under the heat lamp.  (especially at 7:30 at night. Ew.)

I took her advice and got it with everything — unlike at McDonalds, where I get it plain.  I’m not a huge tartar sauce fan, but they put just the right amount on and it wasn’t too pickle-y.  And the lettuce was a very nice touch — you need something fresh-crunchy to balance the greasy-crunchy.

And it wasn’t even that greasy.  I didn’t feel like dying afterwards, like I do when I eat a Burger King fish sandwich.

I’d definitely get it again on a Friday.  I might– might — get it on a non-Friday.  But probably not, since I could be eating a single with cheese.

I just wish they’d have it year-round.  Could someone tell these restaurants that some of us still maintain the Friday abstinence even in Ordinary Time?


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