short update

1)  We had pretty bad storms yesterday.  I work in a small building with no foundation, so when the winds started picking up and we heard damage reports from cities west of us, we decided to evacuate to the main building.  Soon after that, the tornado sirens went off and everyone came from their offices and classrooms to join us in our safe spot.  The sky went black, the rain fell sideways, and the windows shook.   There were several tornadoes reported in the mid-state region, and several of my friends had close calls with trees falling near their houses or cars.  One of the Catholic churches in a community west of us lost their steeple.  My commute home was interesting, as several of my usual routes were closed because trees had fallen over roadways, and most stoplights were out.  I was without power for several hours in the evening, so I sought refuge at a friend’s house to watch the Butler game.

2) I should have stayed home and just gone to bed.

3)  I “talked” to a dear friend today who is overseas.  We weren’t really talking, but we were emailing back and forth so quickly, it was as good as I could have asked for!  At times like that, technology just really amazes me.


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