I’m sort of addicted to this world geography game.   …at least it’s educational.

I still haven’t gotten to the last level.  There are 12 levels, and I don’t think I’ve gotten past Level 10.

My high score (I think) is 381,658.  The closest I’ve come to something is 2km.

I need to stop playing it!

UPDATE: Wow, I didn’t even pay attention to the other choices, there at the top… I’ve only played the World one.  Yikes, more possibilities for addiction.

UPDATE: 398, 607. Still stuck on level 10.  I’ve played the other ones, but the World one is my favorite, partly because I’m getting better and partly because it’s helping me learn the geography I should have learned in school.

UPDATE: 407, 918.  I’m never getting out of level 10.

UPDATE: 410,181.  I’m going to go read.  Or study a map of Africa.


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