Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.  And I’m sorry I left a post about ice cream up so long into Lent.

I don’t have enough for a real post, so I thought I’d give a smattering.  Sort of like “quick takes,” a wonderful idea from Jen of Conversion Diary.  The only problem is that it isn’t Friday, so I’m either a little late or a little early.  And I don’t think I have 7.  but here we go.

1) I read all weekend.  Well, almost all weekend.  After I saw the BBC mini-series North & South (fantastic– please, go watch it right now) I decided I wanted to read the Elizabeth Gaskell novel on which it was based.  After seeing the mini-series Wives & Daughters, also based on an Elizabeth Gaskell novel, I began that book and really liked it, but unfortunately began it on a plane to Rome… so I didn’t finish it (Rome got in the way) and then had to leave the book behind in Rome because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.  (I also had to leave a pair of shoes.  Among other things.)

So I got North & South from the library, but had to get it from Inter-Library Loan — and then forgot to renew it when I needed to… and it was due today.  I’m really bad with overdue books, so I really wanted to return it today.  That meant I had 300+ pages to read this weekend.  And I did it!

It was a good book, although I wouldn’t say go out and read it right now… while I would tell you to go watch the mini-series right now.  Oh, wait, I already did.

2) This Saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  So I did take a break from reading to go on a walk.

3) I love OnDemand.  I missed two of my food shows last night — Next Great Restaurant on NBC (which I watch almost exclusively for Bobby Flay and Curtis Stone) and Chopped All Stars, but I was okay missing them because I knew I could watch them tonight OnDemand.

4) I’m throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party on Thursday.  It was something I had been thinking of for awhile, and yet I feel like I just decided to do it out of the blue.  Maybe because I have absolutely nothing I need for it.   Except for Irish music.  I have that.

5) Why hasn’t anyone told me that eggs & cream cheese together on a bagel is really good?  It’s probably really bad for me, but its so yummy.  There’s a little coffeeshop near my apartment that serves bagel sandwiches until 10am.  I went once after Mass and had a really delicious one… but it was sort of a fluke, because it was after 10 and they still made it for me.  (I didn’t even see the sign that says they only serve until 10).  The next time I went, they said they couldn’t make it — it was 10:15.  Jeesh.  10:15 is still breakfast time!  Well, it’s impossible for me to go to 8:30am Mass, make a nice thanksgiving after Mass, socialize with anyone outside of church, and then get to the coffeeshop by 10.  So I decided to just make my own sandwich.  It’s slightly modified from their recipe:

1 multigrain bagel

1 egg, scrambled.

1 slice of Havarti cheese, melted on one side of the bagel

a thin layer of vegetable cream cheese (Neufchatel, to be exact) on the other side of the bagel

fresh spinach


That’s it for now.



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