attempt 5 & attempt 6

I’ve been commissioned to make ice cream for a baby shower, so I had an excuse to make more ice cream (and not eat it myself).  I can only make a quart and a half at a time, and I need to let the bowl freeze in between batches, so I needed to plan ahead.

I took the opportunity to make the Mexican vanilla batch with eggs, and that turned out well.  (Attempt 5)  I haven’t decided if I like it better than Mexican vanilla without eggs, but there is definitely more body to it.  I had a double batch of that, so I should have about half a gallon.

Then I had a decision to make.  What flavor!?

And then a half-eaten jar of Nutella sealed the deal.  It needed to go before Lent, so it was going in ice cream.

I found this recipe.

And I fell in love.

This stuff is amazing.  (I’m sorry for all of you reading this tomorrow morning.)

First flavor attempt: successful!


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