I heart bow ties

My dear friend and across-the-hall office mate Liza* passed this article on to me, and I got a kick out of it:

The New Mass Translation- the Power of Fancy

I agree.  Bring back bowler hats, too.  And while you’re at it, bow ties.

Bring back fancy.  I could write a lot about this.  But instead, just go read that article.  I’m going to bed.

*Liza has Google reader and therefore follows approximately 7,452 more blogs than I do.  Then she passes the good articles to me.  I’d use Google reader too, but why, when she’s my personal screener? : )


as my nephew would say:

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Catholic culture awesomeness.  One of my favorite professors/bosses + one of my favorite Catholic musicians.  Together.

Matt Maher invited Dr. Hahn, via tweet, to accompany him on his song Great Things, and Dr. Hahn agreed.

History was made.

I’ve been waiting with bated breath since Wednesday, hoping someone would put it on YouTube today.  They did not disappoint.

And the title suits the pun-master well.

By the way, Happy Solemnity of the Annunciation, everyone!!


Spring has officially sprung.

This past Sunday, my friend Maria and I celebrated spring by heading out to a nearby botanical garden, complete with a mansion-turned-art-museum.  A co-worker has a membership to the gardens, so she graciously took us as her guests and showed us around so that we could decide whether we wanted to get our own membership in the near future.  The estate once belonged to the family that developed Maxwell House coffee.  When they sold the Maxwell House brand for millions, they bought the land and commissioned a famous architect to build a beautiful house.  Now the grounds and the estate are open to the public.

It’s a beautiful place — in the near future, I’ll definitely be returning with a book to make myself at home on one of the many benches.  When you walk around near the house, you can almost picture Mr. Darcy or Colonel Brandon coming around the corner from their turn in the garden.

And since there is an admission fee, it wasn’t as crowded as many of the other parks would be on days like Sunday (when it was 80 degrees and sunny).

I can’t wait until the dogwoods are blooming– there’s a whole section of the gardens dedicated to them.

Unfortunately, with spring comes allergies.  And when your car is coated with a fine layer of yellow dust, you know you’re in for a bad day.



I’m sort of addicted to this world geography game.   …at least it’s educational.

I still haven’t gotten to the last level.  There are 12 levels, and I don’t think I’ve gotten past Level 10.

My high score (I think) is 381,658.  The closest I’ve come to something is 2km.

I need to stop playing it!

UPDATE: Wow, I didn’t even pay attention to the other choices, there at the top… I’ve only played the World one.  Yikes, more possibilities for addiction.

UPDATE: 398, 607. Still stuck on level 10.  I’ve played the other ones, but the World one is my favorite, partly because I’m getting better and partly because it’s helping me learn the geography I should have learned in school.

UPDATE: 407, 918.  I’m never getting out of level 10.

UPDATE: 410,181.  I’m going to go read.  Or study a map of Africa.


First St. Patrick’s Day party I’ve ever hosted: success.

I think, anyway.  No one got in a fight.  No one threw anything across the room.  No one cried.  People laughed.  People ate my food.  People talked to each other.  We even played a game.

You know what the secret was?



My new apron.  Isn’t it the cutest thing you ever saw?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my first party hosted in my new apron was a success.  And you think that side is cute?  It’s reversible– you should see the other side.  (you really should.  Click that link.)

Oh, and yes, I did wear those socks to work.  Why do you ask?

The Bishop called me on pretty official business today.  It’s probably good that he didn’t drop by the office unexpectedly, huh? 🙂


Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.  And I’m sorry I left a post about ice cream up so long into Lent.

I don’t have enough for a real post, so I thought I’d give a smattering.  Sort of like “quick takes,” a wonderful idea from Jen of Conversion Diary.  The only problem is that it isn’t Friday, so I’m either a little late or a little early.  And I don’t think I have 7.  but here we go.

1) I read all weekend.  Well, almost all weekend.  After I saw the BBC mini-series North & South (fantastic– please, go watch it right now) I decided I wanted to read the Elizabeth Gaskell novel on which it was based.  After seeing the mini-series Wives & Daughters, also based on an Elizabeth Gaskell novel, I began that book and really liked it, but unfortunately began it on a plane to Rome… so I didn’t finish it (Rome got in the way) and then had to leave the book behind in Rome because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.  (I also had to leave a pair of shoes.  Among other things.)

So I got North & South from the library, but had to get it from Inter-Library Loan — and then forgot to renew it when I needed to… and it was due today.  I’m really bad with overdue books, so I really wanted to return it today.  That meant I had 300+ pages to read this weekend.  And I did it!

It was a good book, although I wouldn’t say go out and read it right now… while I would tell you to go watch the mini-series right now.  Oh, wait, I already did.

2) This Saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  So I did take a break from reading to go on a walk.

3) I love OnDemand.  I missed two of my food shows last night — Next Great Restaurant on NBC (which I watch almost exclusively for Bobby Flay and Curtis Stone) and Chopped All Stars, but I was okay missing them because I knew I could watch them tonight OnDemand.

4) I’m throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party on Thursday.  It was something I had been thinking of for awhile, and yet I feel like I just decided to do it out of the blue.  Maybe because I have absolutely nothing I need for it.   Except for Irish music.  I have that.

5) Why hasn’t anyone told me that eggs & cream cheese together on a bagel is really good?  It’s probably really bad for me, but its so yummy.  There’s a little coffeeshop near my apartment that serves bagel sandwiches until 10am.  I went once after Mass and had a really delicious one… but it was sort of a fluke, because it was after 10 and they still made it for me.  (I didn’t even see the sign that says they only serve until 10).  The next time I went, they said they couldn’t make it — it was 10:15.  Jeesh.  10:15 is still breakfast time!  Well, it’s impossible for me to go to 8:30am Mass, make a nice thanksgiving after Mass, socialize with anyone outside of church, and then get to the coffeeshop by 10.  So I decided to just make my own sandwich.  It’s slightly modified from their recipe:

1 multigrain bagel

1 egg, scrambled.

1 slice of Havarti cheese, melted on one side of the bagel

a thin layer of vegetable cream cheese (Neufchatel, to be exact) on the other side of the bagel

fresh spinach


That’s it for now.