Natchez Trace

I had the most wonderful weekend!  Most of Saturday was spent at a conference on marriage and family, and much of Sunday was spent in deep, edifying conversation about the single life.  There was much to blog about, if I could remember the eloquence with which my friend Megan and I discussed the life we are currently living and how it fits into the bigger picture of marriage and family life.

Since it’s late, I’m going to simply post pictures from our Sunday afternoon drive.  After driving out to see l’Angelus in Leipers Fork, we took a long scenic drive home through forests, along streams, and across fields.  The trees are budding and the daffodils that grow wild along the country roads are blooming.  Our leisurely drive (she had prepaid for gas on her rental car, so we decided we might as well use it) took us both under and over this really neat bridge, part of the famous Natchez Trace Parkway:

The Natchez Trace Parkway follows the historic Natchez Trace, a 440-mile historic path that connects Nashville, TN and Natchez, MS.  I don’t think this picture does the bridge justice– it seems a lot bigger in real life.  I had driven under it a few times, but never over it — so we were excited when the GPS had us turn and head up the hill and across.  And there was even a nice little overlook on the other side, where Megan took this picture of me (there was no one around to take a picture of both of us, and she wouldn’t get her picture taken):

A good Tennessee weekend!


7 thoughts on “Natchez Trace

  1. Maria K. says:

    Cool! The Natchez Trace Parkway is something on my list of places to check out. So…you can drive on the parkway, and hike on the trail?

    • joanallegretti says:

      I’m not sure about the hiking — there were cars at the overlook without people, so I suppose there were hikers somewhere… but the path wasn’t readily apparent.

  2. Maria K. says:

    Sorry to bombard your wall, but I just had an idea…maybe some Saturday we could take a day trip cruising the Natchez Trail Parkway…that would be really fun!!

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