attempt #4

Allow me to introduce to you the star of batch #4:

Mexican vanilla beans and extract!

I ordered the Mexican vanilla from Blue Cattle Truck Trading Co. to ensure that there wasn’t any coumarin in it.  It wasn’t cheap, but I was hoping it was worth it.

I ended up using the recipe I used for my very first batch of vanilla ice cream, a simple recipe that didn’t have a custard (egg) base.  I made the base the day before I was going to make the ice cream, because I think it sets up nicer when the base has been in the refrigerator for awhile.  However, I forgot to stick the ice cream bowl in the freezer, so when I went to make the ice cream, I couldn’t.   Then I went out of town, so my base sat in my refrigerator a few extra days.  I assumed it would be fine, but when I went to pull it out, there appeared to be a little film on the top– almost like the frothy top of the base had separated from the rest of the base.  I stirred it around, but the film still seemed to remain, so I simply poured it through the strainer as I poured it into the ice cream maker bowl and hoped for the best.

I know you’re probably sick of seeing pictures of tupperware containers full of vanilla ice cream, but here we go again:

Verdict: the flavor is definitely different from the regular Madagascar vanilla that we’re used to using.  I can’t really describe it, which makes blogging about it hard.  It’s a stronger flavor and richer than Madagascar.

I had some of the gelato-attempt left, so I did a taste test.  You can obviously tell which is the gelato (which contained eggs) and which is the newest batch (no eggs):

Please don’t judge me and the fact that I eat ice cream every evening.  (I don’t really.)

I’m anxious to try a custard base with the Mexican vanilla now.  I really liked the flavor of the Mexican vanilla, and I think I’ll be using it in other baked goods, too.  It probably wouldn’t be worth it to use in something like brownies, but I’m wondering how it would affect my sister’s famous chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies.  Since her recipe calls for an insane amount of vanilla, I think you would be able to taste a difference.

I’ve been commissioned to make ice cream for a baby shower, so I’m going to branch out and make a few different flavors.  It’s exciting to make it for other people too, and it’ll be my last big hurrah before Lent comes and the ice cream maker is packed away for 40 days.   I’m thinking of trying to make coffee, pistachio, or strawberry, and then probably that custard-based Mexican vanilla.  I don’t think I could get a chocolate ice cream that was chocolate-y enough, so I probably won’t even try.

As always, stay tuned.

(And could someone come down here and help me eat all of this?)


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